Girls Can Wear Lacrosse Helmets

Best Lacrossee Helmets are now available for lacrossee sport. Lacrossee, is a sport where people throw a ball around with a stick equipped with a net. The goal is to catch the ball and throw it in the white net. Its similar to soccer but with sticks throwing balls. A helmet has been created to give people more protection when playing the game. Protects their face, head, and eyes. Some, only protect the head area. Do a good job of blocking impacts that force lacrossee players to lose vision int eh game. The latest technology has be installed on them and the helmets are very comfortable. To learn more, view the content that is written below.


Headgear is Very Soft

Headgear is very soft to have. Soft enough to not cause a problem if people ruin into it. People who do not have on the helmet will not be hurt by the helmet. It does not hurt people in anyway. Helmet is designed to protect you from you and the people who touch the helmet. People running and trying to tackle you will also not be hurt by this helmet. The helmet has been tested by players in lacrossee and they all claim the helmet is safe. No more worrying about the people that bump into your head. Don’t worry about falling on your head either. You can now take it easy with this helmet and hit as many people as you like with your head.

Equally, there is a helmet type that blocks hands swatting in your face. That type of thing can cause you to become angered when you are falling in mud. Whipping your eyes with your hand. Furthermore, you may have experience one to many slaps on face by opposing teams. Wear one of these helmets and your set. All swaps, punches, slaps, and elbows will not contact your eyes. Your vision will bee 100% focused and free to spot the ball. Able to zoom in at it for long periods. Nothing will be able to get in your way while your trying to run to the other side and win.

Particularly, helmets come in many colors. Ranging from simple colors to two tone colors. You won’t have a problem finding a lacrossee helmet that match your team. The design is very stylish too and looks like hockey helmet.

Helmets Not Required for All Lacrossee Teams

The new helmets are not required for all lacrossee players. The requirement is based on the team you play for. If your coach says you have to wear it, then you have to wear the helmet to every game. Moving on, some players have the option to wear it. Some coaches feel their players should not be forced to wear it because they grow up not wearing the helmet. Lacrossee helmets are very new to players. Most coaches understand the players who do not want to wear it. They can choose to wear it or not wear it. By and large, the whole idea of wearing one on the field is completely loose.

Prevents All Damages a Lacrossee Player Might Have

The lacrossee helmets are fitted with standard safe technology. Best lacrossee helmets are fitted with better safe technology. Standard made with injection modled plastic. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic material to be accurate. The same material is used to protect motorcycle riders on the road. Created to protect players from ball to head impact and stick to head impact. There are times when you think you won’t get hit in the face, but accidents happen in lacrossee sport. Some players intentionally hit you in the face to cause you lose the game. In any event, wear a lacrossee helmet to protect you from all swings and hits aiming for your head.

The Best Birthday Gift for Your Long Distance Boyfriend

Keeping a long distance relationship can be difficult. You have to keep up with the birthdays and give him something to not cheat. Coffee mug for boyfriend can bond him closer to you because it expresses love. You got to always use power of love. Love is the strongest power in the world. It can overcome any hardship and cause you to overcome the hard fates of life. Life can cause you to give up on your new found LDR, but you must press on. Love is the strongest power remember.


Use your love to get them the best birthday gift ever. You love them a lot and every women gets it. Don’t run from it. Just embrace the power of love and make something happen. You got to show your lover your full force for the birthday. You won’t know what to get them. However, a person who really loves you does not care about what you get. They only care about the thought. Think of the best birthday gift to get him. Here are some birthday gift ideas below.

Buy Him a Hug Me Until You See Me Pillow

Getting him a hug me pillow shows you want him to feel your body. Let him imagine what your body must feel like with a hugable pillow. A coffee mug for boyfriend is just as good if your not into pillows. But, the pillow can be a body pillow or a basic head pillow. Make sure the thing is soft and created to remind him of your love.

You might want to get him pillow that is creative. An everyday pillow will remind him of the pillow he saw at the local store. No, get him something that reminds him of your heart. A pillow to connect the piece when your body isn’t there. Make him think you are there in bed with him when you are not in bed with him.

Find a Long Distance Key Chain

Finding a LDR key chain is the best way to remind him of seeing you. You two are far away. You want to be here for him. He needs something to remind him to come see you again. He needs to see that you really want him here instead of way over there. I think getting a key chain will make him feel more connected to you and that is important. Most people in LDR lose hope after a long period of not seeing the lover. This gift will remind him to keep the promise and remind you that he will see again one day.

Get a Engraved Pair of Rings

Buy some rings to symbolize the strong love. Buy identical pieces of your love. Couples did this in the middle ages. It would not be different if you did it. Put a ring on his finger and tell him you are his. He needs to see your love when he wakes up and he needs to keep you in his thoughts. Its so easy to forget someone without a ring. Not so easy when you put it on and realize that the ring you have means something to someone.

Do Some Artwork With Them in Mind

Art, the gift that tells lovers of what bonds them across miles. Bond with your lover by giving them a picture of your love. You can make the art if you can not afford to buy it. The thought is always more important then the action when it comes to love. So,m paint a picture with love. Show him something he needs in his life. Show him a picture of your heart. It doesn’t have to be a heart. But, the picture has to have a heart concept in it to show him you still care and want.

Tips in Choosing the Best Bike Helmet

If you get to watch a footage of the earlier races of the Tour de France, you would notice that wearing a helmet has not been a regulation in cycling tournaments like this during the early 90s. However, today you will see most riders wearing a helmet even if they are just riding to their daily commutes. With the recent innovations, many have changed their opinion toward wearing a helmet when on the road. As many of these riders have fully understood the significance of wearing a helmet while on the road, so should you.

If you are on the lookout for the best helmet for mountain bike, you will need to consider the tips that we have listed below.


A helmet’s primary function is to protect your head and your neck during impact. As such, this safety gear is so designed with features that will ensure that there will be minimal to no injuries to any portion of the head and neck that it is designed to cover and protect.

To make sure that your protection is well taken care of, manufacturers include a thick polystyrene or polypropylene foam liner under the hard plastic shell of the helmet. This feature serves as a shock absorber during collision or impact. Fortunately, you get the assurance that the bike helmet that you are going to buy even from a local store when in the US are safe to use. Manufacturers of these (those sold in the US) are required to meet the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standards.

Note, however, that there are different types of helmets. Some are intended for less hazardous riding like commuting to work or for those casual weekend rides. Certain types of this safety gear are specifically designed for more intense riding, such as skiing, skateboarding, kayaking, or climbing and should not be worn when cycling. As you can see the severity and types of impacts that each helmet is rated for differs depending on the sport that it is intended to be used. There are also helmets that can be used as all-around helmets, hence may be used for BMX and in other sports. You have to take note, however, to check the product description and warranty for related information to such feature.

When it comes to product safety, remember that your helmet needs to be replaced after a significant impact. Even though your helmet may still look intact, there may be unseen damages that may compromise the helmet’s integrity. If you have been wearing your helmet for years, you will still need to replace your helmet every five years as the quality of the product would have  definitely have degraded by normal wear and tear by then.


Higher-end helmets are normally offered in multiple sizes that can provide a more secure and comfortable fit. However, those helmets that can be bought at lesser prices normally comes with a universal sizing ring that can fit a wide range of head sizes. All helmets indicate the head circumference that it can fit comfortably in. So, before you look for options, make sure that you already know your head size. Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of the widest part of your head (that would be about an inch above your eyebrows).


It is not enough that you have the right size of helmet, however. You also need to make sure that the helmet will not tip or move forward or back when worn. See to it that the inner band wraps comfortably around your head. It should not be too tight nor too loose as this will make it easy for the helmet to slide off even at the slightest movement that you do.

You’ll have to try several helmets before you find one that fits pretty well on your head. You also need to make sure that the chin-strap assembly will form a “V” in front of and behind your ears. The straps should rest firmly without binding or chafing. However, you should be able to slide two fingers side by side between your chin and the strap while you are wearing the helmet.


Different helmet brands offer helmets of different shapes. Your option is endless and the perfect shape will naturally depend on your personal preference. For a head that is more elongated, a Giro helmet may fit well. For those with rounder heads, Bell helmets will be a better option, however. You will need to try several styles to see what fits best for you.


As mentioned earlier each helmet is best suited for the type of cycling that you mostly would be doing.

Note that road bike helmets are lightweight and aerodynamic. They are usually made to be glossy as this will make the gear to slide over the pavement instead of fall straight to it in case of a high-speed accident. They also do not usually include visors.

Mountain bike helmets, on the other hand, are bulkier, especially in the back of the helmet, as they are designed to protect your head from a backward fall. Shell textures vary, nonetheless, for this type of helmet. Some are made with smooth like a road bike helmet, others come with a rougher, flatter surface. These helmets also often include visors to provide some protection from sunlight and rain.


Most road bike helmets and mountain bike helmets are made with multiple large vents that help create better airflow to keep you cool while on your bike.


Helmets come in different colors, but as your helmet can help other motorists see you while you are speeding on the road, it’s best that you opt for one that is not only cool and stylish but one that will increase your visibility to oncoming traffic.

There are other helmets that are made with other advanced features. If you will just make a quick search online, you will find several brands that offer smart helmets. These are now real products and not just available to be admired on some sci-fi movies. Helmets that come with built-in microphones, speakers, rear-facing cameras, and many other helpful features with them are now available in many shops worldwide. The best of these helmets combine several of these features to make your riding experience safer and more interesting.


When looking for the best helmet for mountain bike or any other bike that you may want to use, make sure that you opt for one that offers the best features that will bring in the best value for your money.

Is it safe to wear tights when you are pregnant?

Pregnancy can make any expecting mom feel quite uncomfortable. There are so many changes that occur inside and outside the pregnant woman’s body that adjustments in almost everything are just inevitable. One of the biggest concern of an expecting mother is her pregnancy wardrobe. A maternity wardrobe staple is one of the best leggings for pregnancy.

However, many expecting moms still have worries when it comes to wearing tight-fitting clothes like tights or leggings. As an expecting mother, you may also be thinking whether it is really safe to wear tights when you are pregnant.

The direct answer to this question is a big, “YES.” It is totally safe to wear tights during pregnancy as it is when you are not. Just make sure to consider wearing a pair that will be comfortable enough that your breathing and movement won’t be affected as you wear a pair any time.

Pregnancy and your growing baby bump

Pregnancy and your growing baby bump

Your skin will stretch as the baby inside your belly grows and cause your uterus to expand. You may also see stretch marks forming on your  baby bump. Your movement will be affected by the added weight of your baby, and as much as you would like to walk just as how you do during pre-pregnancy, you just can’t. As the center of your gravity changes with your baby belly pulling your back and shoulders a bit forward, you may also find it easier to waddle than just walking.

These inconveniences are just a few of what you may experience throughout your pregnancy. One of the things that will ease some of the pains that you may feel is wearing the most comfortable clothes that you can wear. You will find it crucial to include essential maternity clothes even during the early phase of your pregnancy.

Must have: Pregnancy leggings or tights

Pregnancy leggings

As mentioned earlier, one of the must-have for a pregnancy closet is a couple of pairs of leggings or tights. Look for maternity tights as they are made especially to address the changing needs of an expecting mother. There are brands that offer maternity leggings or tights that have shaped pregnancy panels that can cover and cradle your bump to provide support as it grows.

Regular tights are usually made from synthetic fabrics, which can cause you to sweat. As there are bacteria and other micro-organism causing diseases that thrive in warm, moist conditions, it is possible that you will develop one.

To ensure that you will be free from any unwanted skin disorders caused by wearing tights, consider these guidelines when choosing one of the best leggings for pregnancy:

Tights with a high blend of cotton or a cotton gusset are more pregnancy-skin friendly; make sure you find a few pairs with these materials. Leggings that are made from all-natural materials such as cotton, bamboo or hemp are more comfortable when worn, especially during the hot season.

One of the common disorders of pregnant women is thrush. It is a common yeast infection that can cause itching, irritation, and swelling within the vaginal area. Though it is generally harmless, it can still be very uncomfortable. It will also keep coming back if you do not pay extra attention to how you take care of hygiene and what you wear. If you are prone to having skin disorders like this, you should not wear tights or shorts every day.

Hold-up stockings (also called stay-ups) are another alternative to tights. These are stockings made with an elasticized band at the top. Health experts indicate their support in the use of these stockings as there are no dangers of compromising blood flow when wearing these stockings as others may think.

If you have varicose veins, a pair of full-length maternity tights may actually help. These maternity essentials will cover your belly bump (there are maternity leggings that are made with panels that can completely cover your baby bump) and make you feel more comfortable. They can also provide extra support to your back and legs to ease your discomfort and any swelling.

Some pregnant mothers find wearing over-the-bump tights feel uncomfortable. Some women feel itchy on their bump when they do wear them. You can go for a pair of maternity tights that sit on your hips instead if you think this will suit you better.

Choose your style

There are so many options when it comes to finding one of the best leggings for pregnancy. There are brands that offer a wide variety of designs a full-panel or a low-rise waist, full-length or Capri-style legs, light-modal material or thicker-coverage fabric. There are also breathable knit-style for those who may worry about see-through spots on their tights or leggings.

There are also designs that allow the panel to be folded when your bump is still small. You can just pull up the panel over your belly when it’s time to provide support for your baby bump, like when you plan to do some light exercises.

Whatever you decide to buy, always make sure you will find one that is of high-quality and is cut to provide the right support for your growing belly. Wearing leggings can boost an expecting mother’s confidence as it quite flattering, comfortable, and is an extremely versatile maternity item that you can pair with any of your summer dresses.

There is no better time to put on a pair of one of these leggings or tights than when you are pregnant. Look and feel great any time when you put them on.

Tips in Choosing the Best Shoes for Pregnancy

Pregnant women need to wear shoes or any footwear that are designed to keep them safe and throughout their pregnancy. The best shoes for pregnancy can make a lot of difference.

Making pregnancy a lot better a pair of shoes at a time.

A lot of people only the great things about pregnancy. A new baby soon to make a new family, more family gatherings, future celebrations, and so on. During the time the baby has not yet been delivered, the expecting mom experiences a lot of aches, however. Much of these pains are caused by the hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Starting in the second trimester, the obvious signs of pregnancy will create even more difficulties. Things that a woman used to do so quickly and with absolute ease will be a lot more challenging this time. Even simply walking the same length as she used to will be a daily challenge.

The added baby weight is much of a concern as this changes much about her physique as well as her body’s response to the natural occurrence in her body. Her bulging belly will make it so difficult to bend. Walking will be changed to waddling as the center of her gravity changes. She will also see more swelling down her ankles and feet. Varicose veins will appear from nowhere that her feet will look like someone has taken all the veins in somebody else’s garden and planted them there for a time.

All these are normal occurrences. There is nothing much that you can do about. Except for some minor changes.

If you find that changing your wardrobe is necessary when you are pregnant, you will agree that having to ditch some of your pre-loved shoes will also be vital. A simple change in the shoes that you wear can cause a lot of miracles and will sooner or later cause most of the pains and swelling that you may experience and see to dissipate.

Once you have found the best shoes for pregnancy, you can start walking around without worries,pains, and, with so much ease. With that in mind, you will begin to realize that in fact, your pregnancy is indeed a blessing.

With so many brands and styles available for you to choose from, it will take a while before you can finally make up your mind. To help you find the right shoes for your feet, consider these tips.

Tips in Choosing the Best Shoes for Pregnancy

Find a footwear that provides ample support for your feet and one that is easy to wear

Your baby bump can turn even the easiest thing to do a lot more challenging. When you look for a pair of shoes, you also need to see whether it won’t cause any difficulty for you to put them on.Consider a footwear that can easily be slipped on without requiring you to bend like those with laces or complicated straps. Opt for a pair that you can wear without you having to bend down.

Consider a pair of footwear that offers good support to your feet. This makes walking around so much easier. Shoes with gel cushions will not only offer comfortable wear but will also feel light as you walk.

Opt for a pair of shoes that offer more room for your growing feet

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons expressed that a pregnant woman’s feet normally grow during pregnancy. This is in addition to the swelling that most expecting mother experiences while pregnant. Marybeth Crane, DPM, FACFAS explains that a pregnant woman experiences a change in her foot size during pregnancy. It can also be a permanent growth that can be up to half a size. This can occur as relaxin, the same hormone that allows the pelvis to open to deliver the baby, makes the ligaments in the feet more flexible. This causes the feet to spread wider and longer.

If you will buy a couple of pairs of shoes during the early phase of your pregnancy, make sure that you’ll opt for a design that offers enough room for your growing feet. You can go for a shoe that is one-half or one size bigger than your normal feet size. This way, you will be wearing one that will accommodate even swollen feet, if ever that happens. Note that, not every expecting mother experiences swelling on their feet. But if you do, wearing a bigger-sized footwear can ease the discomfort.

If you feel that the shoes are a bit bigger than you thought they would be, you can always wear one more pair of socks that will fill the gap.

Choose a pair that will show your own style

We are all aware that heels are never meant for comfort. But if you really feel comfortable with heels that with flats, you can opt for a pair with wider heels like fab wedges. These will give you about a couple more inches to your height and will be a lot safer than stilettos and other high-heeled shoes. They will be even more comfortable to wear as well.

Consider the time when you need to buy pregnancy shoes

The perfect time to buy the right footwear is during the afternoon or evening. By this time, your feet have already expanded to its max as they have already absorbed much of the pressure from your body. That means you wouldn’t have to guess what size of shoes you should go for.

Remember that the changes in the feet size are most notable during the first six months and the last three months of your pregnancy. That being said, you may consider buying a new pair during the early phase of your pregnancy and, later, during the last trimester of your pregnancy. The first pair will fit your feet until just about the 6th month of your pregnancy. The next pair (you’ll need to buy during the last three months of your pregnancy) will be right for your feet until you deliver your baby.

Opt for shoes with high friction

High friction shoes make it easy for your footwear to cling safely to the surface you are walking on. These types of shoes or footwear are best worn not only when you are pregnant, but even after you have delivered your baby. Wearing high friction shoes decreases the chances of you slipping or falling down.


Choosing the best shoes for pregnancy is as essential as finding the right maternity garments. Take some time to find the best fitting footwear. Try more than one pair to make sure that the pair that you will buy will suit your feet right. To make a wise decision when buying shoes for pregnancy, consider the tips provided in this post.

What I Learn From Books About Running

As a runner, do you enjoy reading books about running? I recently read Running with the Buffaloes by Chris Lear. Though I never ran 100-mile weeks in college like the team at the University of Colorado, it was relatable, emotional and inspiring. I couldn’t believe I had never read it before. I also couldn’t get out of bed (except for runs) until I finished it and sobbed (both happy and sad tears) all weekend. I think if I had read it in college, I would have been better at running beyond my pain threshold in races until I literally thought I would die. I could have been better.

I did read Once A Runner before my senior year. I think it was the first running book I’d ever read, which is surprising because running and reading are two of my favorite things to do. It was incredible. I am filled with nostalgia when I reread it now. I used to flip through my highlighted pages before big races for inspiration. I often think of Quentin Cassidy and Bruce on runs.

While I wish I had read many of these epic novels when I was competing, I appreciate them no less now. I am reminded of my regrets and also that some of the world’s greatest athletes have similar regrets. I think of wonderful memories of being on a team. I think of races that were fun, challenging and strengthened our team bond. I am engaged while reading pages written by someone who fully understands the part of me that is a runner.

Now that I am not surrounded by runners daily, it’s hard to find another person who relates to this aspect of my life. Luckily, I do have a boyfriend who I can share these conversations with because we started as teammates. I love reading a running-related book when I really start to miss it or am seeking extra motivation. It renews my feeling of connection to the sport.

Does anyone actually ever reach their running potential? I think that no matter how many accomplishments we reach as runners, we are never satisfied. We always think we could have been faster, raced smarter or run more fearlessly. Even if you win the race, could you have maybe won by a couple more seconds? If only we had done it this way, had run more miles, had done more strength workouts, hadn’t gotten injured, had a different mindset, completed 15-mile long runs instead of 12…. The thoughts we sometimes obsess over are never ending.

To me, all of the “what ifs” aren’t depressing. I’ve learned to not let them make me feel unfulfilled. They are just representative of the runner’s mentality which is, after all, the reason many of us were drawn to running in the first place. Runners share an insatiable need to always improve. This is a quality many of us probably possessed before we even knew we liked to run. Happiness is challenging ourselves and constantly striving to be our own best person. I’m currently reading Running the Edge which explores a lot of these ideas. It’s cool that we are never content with our current state, or else there is so much we would miss out on. Maybe I didn’t reach all of my goals when I was at my peak fitness, but I sure got closer than I would have if I hadn’t set those goals to begin with.

I know that my prime running days are behind me. I don’t expect to ever break a college PR again, nor do I feel like I failed if I don’t. I do have the desire to be the best runner I can be now. I still have goals. I try to increase my mileage from week to week. I want to run new places, stay in shape so I can always keep up with old teammates on visits and meet new running friends. It’s a part of my life and always will be. The best part is, I’m still learning as a runner. For one, there’s a whole new book genre I need to devour.

Running On My Own

I remember when going for a run was basically “social hour” on foot. I lived in the same town as all of my teammates, my coach and several cross-country alumni. Someone was always up for a run.

The summer months could be a bit lonely when friends traveled home for the break. But at the very least, I could count on a buddy for my two hard workouts and long run each week.

Now, I can’t remember the last time I haven’t headed out solo. I’m successful at convincing my boyfriend maybe once a month to join me. Our schedules are so different so I don’t blame him for it. I recently mustered the courage to meet a local running group one day after work. I departed in my own direction when I saw the crowd of men ages 50+ in the distance.

Running on my own isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Of course, many runs would be more enjoyable with conversation to pass the miles. The fact that I haven’t run more than eight miles at a time since leaving Florida (except for one half-marathon) is a testament to that.

I have to entertain myself. If I have a lot on my mind, this time to explore my thoughts is much appreciated. Other times, I grow bored with myself more easily than I would a friend – especially after being stuck inside my own head all day.

What I have discovered are more creative and strategic ways to motivate myself. I’ve always been intrinsically motivated. I’ve also always had the support of a team, even if we didn’t accompany each other on every run. As a now retired college runner, it’s only my dedication to myself that forces me to lace up my shoes and get out the door. Plus, I always have to be prepared to keep up with my old friends during spontaneous visits.

The source of my desire to run is a great love for it. That is one thing that keeps me going on days when I hate it so much. I don’t want to fall out of shape. I want to enjoy my runs. And actually runningconsistently is required to do so.


My Best Tips to Stay Motivated On Your Own:

1. Make a plan.

Even if you’re not training for anything specific, create a training calendar. Visually seeing your goals will make them easier to follow. You’ll feel a sense of commitment to complete what you assigned yourself rather than just deciding how many miles you should run day to day. A calendar will also ensure you are sticking to the 10% rule to help prevent injury. It puts stress on your body to run a weekly mileage of 15 miles one week and 30 miles the next. It’s not a big deal if you slightly stray from the plan. If you’re feeling good and want to tack on an extra few miles, go right ahead! You’ll know it’s a good idea to cut back the next day so you don’t hit too far over your weekly mileage.

2. Log your runs.

Recording your mileage in a journal or with Running2Win is another way to stay accountable for your workouts. The automatic monthly mileage count on Running2Win will motivate you to keep it up from month to month. Personally, I feel content if I hit 100 miles each month and try to stay consistent month to month. You’ll feel as though your computer is judging you when there are multiple blank calendar spots in a row…

3. Allow yourself off days.

In college, a full “off” day was rare. Injury aside, I took at most two a month if my body was feeling especially exhausted. And by “off” day I mean I put in an hour on the bike or pool instead of running. Nowadays, I allow myself two, no-guilt days off each week. They are incredibly enjoyable and the short break even makes me miss running. One day off feels like a really long time. The next day, I can hardly wait to get home from work and go for a run.

4. Sign up for a race once a year.

Sometimes, I need some extra push. During the off season in high school between cross-country and track, I got into the habit of signing of for a January half marathon. This forced me to train during the cold winter months. Races can be pricey but that’s part of the motivation. You’ll train to make it worth your money because there’s no point in paying to run a crappy time you could have accomplished around the block.

5. Take a bi-annual week of rest.

When I trained competitively year-round in college, we took two weeks of active-rest at the end of each season. Our “active rest” consisted of an easy 30-minute run every two days, just so our legs remembered the motion. Even if nothing hurts, rest will only do your body good if you’ve been running consistently for months straight. You can go for a light jog every few days or stick to walking or another form of cross-training. Follow any activity with a nice, long stretch. The key is to recover. It’s not recommended to remain sedentary. Make sure whatever you do doesn’t feel too hard.

6. Go somewhere new.

When you’re bored sick of your regular routes, it helps to find a new park or trail. A change will do your mind and body good. Trails are preferable because of their soft surface. A public place with fellow runners provides an inspiring atmosphere. You’re planned “easy” run might turn into an up-tempo workout when your competitive streak pushes you to leave passersby in the dust.

7. Keep your shoes in your car.

Leave an older (but still wearable) pair of shoes in your car so you’re always prepared for an impromptu run. Maybe you’re on your way home and spot an awesome park. Maybe you decide you can squeeze in a run on your lunch break. Traveling with your footwear gives you the option to run anytime the opportunity comes up. Store a pair of shorts and socks in your sneakers as well (and sports bra for the ladies).

8. Plan to run on the way home from work.

The likelihood of fitting in a workout decreases as it gets later in the day. Fit in a run before you even make it home to escape additional excuses. This is why morning runs are best, but if you’re anything like me, that rarely happens despite your best intentions. Plus, my body feels better primed for a good run after a few meals and hydration. I typically have my lunch around 1 p.m., eat a small snack at 4 p.m. and run at 5:00 p.m.

9. Just do one mile.

On days that you don’t want to workout or don’t have a lot of time, you can often convince yourself to do something. A short run is better than no run, especially if you know you are busy the rest of the week. I hate not working out on days where I don’t even have plans. So no matter how much I don’t want to do it, I try to force myself to lace up my shoes and go outside. Sometimes I will only go three miles. Other times I’ll end up completing the six I had originally hoped to do. If you have errands to do that take priority, combine the two. That all being said, it’s equally important to give yourself a break once in awhile. If you don’t want to do it, don’t. And don’t feel guilty. But if you give yourself the okay to just do something, you can avoid the guilt. You’ll know if you really can’t even handle the thought of one mile, you’re better off skipping.

10. Spread the word you’re going to run.

If your co-workers ask your plans for the evening, tell them you’ll go for a short run before making your favorite salmon dish for dinner. If your friend invites you to dinner, tell her you’ll meet her in an hour after your run. When she asks how your workout was, the last thing you want to say is, “Actually… I didn’t.” Tell people your workout intentions and you’ll feel a commitment to it. You might not have the commitment of meeting a friend to workout but this verbal commitment will work in a similar way.

11. Make an event of it.

When there’s going to be a big event on air, it’s the perfect opportunity to jump on the treadmill and watch while you move. The last time I did this was during this year’s Grammy Awards. My main reason is because I don’t have a TV. Nonetheless, it made for a very entertaining couple of miles! Try it out while you watch the upcoming Olympics beginning August 5th.

Any other motivation strategies you have? I’d love to hear!

I Wanna Get Better

One of the coolest things about humans is our innate need to better ourselves. I don’t know if there is another species on the planet that aims to learn a new skill, eat healthy or get fit with the only motivation being to improve.

Other mammals, reptiles, etc. adapt for survival. Many of us work to achieve goals, for no other reason than personal growth. People choose to accomplish or even just attempt something without a real need to do so. Actual needs, independent of these “personal goals,” are to have food, money, shelter and security.

At any given time, many of us are working toward something. Whether it’s a 30-day arm workout challenge or just to eat less sugar, you are trying to be better. Better might mean kinder, fitter, more sympathetic, healthier, smarter, a more aware driver. My definition of better can vary each day. I might decide one thing actually doesn’t matter too much to me anymore. And then another thought in the back of my head becomes my next top focus. I have short-term and long-term commitments to myself.

Think of all the self-help books out there, fitness classes, art classes, music lessons, the OLYMPICS, races, etc. The options are never-ending and are industries within themselves.

We strive to make ourselves better for the sole purpose of being our best selves. Once one goal is reached, another is set or the bar rises. We have a need keep getting better and better. Does this make people happy, constantly striving to be better, or does it create dissatisfaction? Can it be detrimental or growth-inducing? Personally, I think it’s amazing. It fuels my mind and body. If I get to the point where I don’t want to do something anymore or it doesn’t seem fun since it’s not necessary to live, there’s no pressure. That’s the beauty of it.

Some of my goals, I know I’ll never reach but the idea is nice. It doesn’t have to be discouraging. Some goals can’t even be measured or have no point of achievement. They act as a daily reminder to keep at it. Here’s one quote from Bruce Lee I read that provided comfort at the end of my final collegiate cross-country season when I didn’t perform as well as I thought I was capable of. And it’s still relatable to my life now:

A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.

Maybe you don’t reach all of your goals. But there’s a good chance you did more than you’d do if you hadn’t set the goal. By setting a goal to run a sub-22 minute 6k, I got way closer than I would have ever gotten had my goal been to simply PR or surpass the 23-minute mark. The constant need to be better is what makes humans so amazing and unique.