Hello, I’m Taylor.


This blog is my outlet to write about things that matter to me – running, health, fitness, books and anything else that’s on my mind.

Most of my life I’ve been on a sports team. Now that running is a solely a hobby for me, I still want to absorb myself in that world in some way. I’m excited to read about the experiences and thoughts of others with similar interests. And to connect on a more personal level instead of just “lurking” on other blogs.

So here’s to many miles, countless pairs of sneakers and tons of sweat! 

I am in no way an expert on any of these topics. Running has been a part of my life for over ten years. I’ve competed at the collegiate level, so I’ve had the chance to be around some truly great people who are experts. Many of my ideas and opinions are inspired by coaches, teammates, friends and other athletes.

The purpose of this blog is to share tips, insights and experiences that others can relate to. Ultimately, I would like others to find value in my posts to encourage a fun and active lifestyle.