Is it safe to wear tights when you are pregnan1

Is It Safe to Wear Tights When You Are Pregnant?


Pregnancy can make any expecting mom feel quite uncomfortable. There are so many changes that occur inside and outside the pregnant woman’s body that adjustments in almost everything are just inevitable. One of the biggest concern of an expecting mother is her pregnancy wardrobe. A maternity wardrobe staple is one of the best leggings for pregnancy.

However, many expecting moms still have worries when it comes to wearing tight-fitting clothes like tights or leggings. As an expecting mother, you may also be thinking whether it is really safe to wear tights when you are pregnant.

The direct answer to this question is a big, “YES.” It is totally safe to wear tights during pregnancy as it is when you are not. Just make sure to consider wearing a pair that will be comfortable enough that your breathing and movement won’t be affected as you wear a pair any time.

Pregnancy and your growing baby bum

Is it safe to wear tights when you are pregnan1

Your skin will stretch as the baby inside your belly grows and cause your uterus to expand. You may also see stretch marks forming on your  baby bump. Your movement will be affected by the added weight of your baby, and as much as you would like to walk just as how you do during pre-pregnancy, you just can’t. As the center of your gravity changes with your baby belly pulling your back and shoulders a bit forward, you may also find it easier to waddle than just walking.

These inconveniences are just a few of what you may experience throughout your pregnancy. One of the things that will ease some of the pains that you may feel is wearing the most comfortable clothes that you can wear. You will find it crucial to include essential maternity clothes even during the early phase of your pregnancy.

Must have: Pregnancy leggings or tights

Is it safe to wear tights when you are pregnan1

As mentioned earlier, one of the must-have for a pregnancy closet is a couple of pairs of leggings or tights. Look for maternity tights as they are made especially to address the changing needs of an expecting mother. There are brands that offer maternity leggings or tights that have shaped pregnancy panels that can cover and cradle your bump to provide support as it grows.

Regular tights

Regular tights are usually made from synthetic fabrics, which can cause you to sweat. As there are bacteria and other micro-organism causing diseases that thrive in warm, moist conditions, it is possible that you will develop one.

To ensure that you will be free from any unwanted skin disorders caused by wearing tights, consider these guidelines when choosing one of the best leggings for pregnancy:

Tights with a high blend of cotton

Tights with a high blend of cotton or a cotton gusset are more pregnancy-skin friendly; make sure you find a few pairs with these materials. Leggings that are made from all-natural materials such as cotton, bamboo or hemp are more comfortable when worn, especially during the hot season.

One of the common disorders of pregnant women is thrush. It is a common yeast infection that can cause itching, irritation, and swelling within the vaginal area. Though it is generally harmless, it can still be very uncomfortable. It will also keep coming back if you do not pay extra attention to how you take care of hygiene and what you wear. If you are prone to having skin disorders like this, you should not wear tights or shorts every day.

Hold-up stockings (also called stay-ups) are another alternative to tights. These are stockings made with an elasticized band at the top. Health experts indicate their support in the use of these stockings as there are no dangers of compromising blood flow when wearing these stockings as others may think.

If you have varicose veins, a pair of full-length maternity tights may actually help. These maternity essentials will cover your belly bump (there are maternity leggings that are made with panels that can completely cover your baby bump) and make you feel more comfortable. They can also provide extra support to your back and legs to ease your discomfort and any swelling.

Some pregnant mothers find wearing over-the-bump tights feel uncomfortable. Some women feel itchy on their bump when they do wear them. You can go for a pair of maternity tights that sit on your hips instead if you think this will suit you better.

Choose your style

There are so many options when it comes to finding one of the best leggings for pregnancy. There are brands that offer a wide variety of designs a full-panel or a low-rise waist, full-length or Capri-style legs, light-modal material or thicker-coverage fabric. Besides, there are also breathable knit-style for those who may worry about see-through spots on their tights or leggings.

There are also designs that allow the panel to be folded when your bump is still small. You can just pull up the panel over your belly when it’s time to provide support for your baby bump, like when you plan to do some light exercises.

Whatever you decide to buy, always make sure you will find one that is of high-quality and is cut to provide the right support for your growing belly. Wearing leggings can boost an expecting mother’s confidence as it quite flattering, comfortable, and is an extremely versatile maternity item that you can pair with any of your summer dresses.

There is no better time to put on a pair of one of these leggings or tights than when you are pregnant. Look and feel great any time when you put them on.

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