List of Things to Do During Pregnancy

List of Things to Do During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a completely new “event” for mothers and everyone must have been in an embarrassing situation of not knowing what to do, what to do, what is good or bad for their children, .. … especially for first time pregnant mothers.

Therefore, mothers often feel that things to know when they are pregnant for the first time are many and difficult to remember. However, these things are not always true for all cases, but depending on the health status of the mother and child, it can be changed accordingly.

But the things that are good for the fetus are often the same, for example, moms should be relaxed, nutritionally supplemented but still need to control weight during pregnancy, limit exposure to tobacco smoke, stimulants, or some other harmful agents, …

In today’s article, we will help you to review the list of things to do in each stage of pregnancy, please find out!

Things pregnant women should do in each trimester

Things that pregnant women need to know include what to do and what to avoid. This list may be different for each trimester, but overall, there are a few things that moms need to be aware of throughout pregnancy.

Among the things that pregnant women should do during pregnancy, the first thing to mention is that the mother should go for a full prenatal check-up according to the prenatal check-up schedule and perform the necessary tests prescribed by the doctor. The next important thing is that mothers need to build a scientific diet and balanced nutrition, focusing more on quality than quantity.

Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke and stimulants and one of the things you should avoid when pregnant, always remember. Harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke, alcohol, beer, etc. can harm an unborn baby during any pregnancy.

Besides, depending on the health of the mother and pregnancy status, the doctor may recommend that she should limit some activities such as vigorous exercise, long-distance travel, or sex, …

To learn more about what to do during pregnancy, read our article What to do during your trimester.

List of things to do for pregnant women in the first 3 months

The gestational age of the baby is usually calculated from the first day of the last period of the mother, so when the mother detected some signs of pregnancy such as menstruation, morning sickness, … the fetus is often less especially 1 month of age or older.

So if she is worried about what to do in the first month of pregnancy, now she can relax and feel more secure because when she knows she is pregnant, the first month of pregnancy has passed. 

Therefore, mothers who are expecting to have children are often advised to maintain a diet, a moderate activity so that the body is in the best state and ready to welcome their children.

When you know you are pregnant, you should pay attention to first-trimester nutrition because this is the stage when the brain and nervous system of the child are developing strongly. 

The most important nutrient that a mother needs to supplement now is folic acid. Mothers can supplement folic acid with supplements, vitamins, and daily food.

Besides foods containing folic acid, what should the first trimester eat? Meals in the first 3 months of pregnancy may be a bit difficult because morning sickness makes mothers often nauseous and not eat well.

So during this period, she only needs to eat enough food according to her ability, but should not eat too much because she also does not need to add too many calories in early pregnancy.

Moreover, increasing the mother’s diet can make it difficult for her to control her weight during pregnancy.

So what about abstinence, the first trimester should abstain from? 

About eating, moms should abstain from foods that cause uterine contractions and should not eat too much sugar, grease, fat, … In daily activities, mom should abstain from heavy calf, squat, or perform poses that put pressure on your lower abdomen.

Second trimester: Things pregnant women should do

Entering the second stage of pregnancy, morning sickness symptoms often subside and disappear, so her taste is gradually returning, so she may experience cravings and food more often than before. 

It also means that her weight will increase significantly if she does not control her diet well.

So, how much weight is appropriate for a second trimester? 

This also depends on the BMI of the mother before pregnancy, if the mother is a little underweight, then the mother should increase 0.5kg per week, the mother has a normal weight should increase 0.4kg / week and overweight mothers, obesity should only increase about 0.3kg / week.

The menu for the second trimester of pregnant women should ensure enough and balanced between 4 food groups including starch, protein, fat and vitamins, and fiber group. In that mothers should eat just enough starch and protein, eat less fat, and eat more foods rich in vitamins and fiber.

Specifically, what should the 2nd-trimester supplement? You can increase your intake of some nutritious foods like avocado, salmon, pumpkin, dried nuts, dark green vegetables, etc. to supplement important nutrients and necessary for my darling.

Do not forget to drink enough 8 glasses of water and take vitamins and supplements as directed by the doctor!

Besides eating and drinking, there are also pregnancy abnormalities in the second trimester.

If you feel the motor or pedal, you should pay close attention to the frequency of your child’s movement, if you find your child suddenly less pedal than usual or does not pedal, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Tips for pregnant women last 3 months

In the last 3 months of pregnancy, the mother’s pregnant belly will become bigger and bigger and heavier. So moms may find it a little difficult to do everyday activities, and many moms can’t even cut their toenails, wear socks, or tie shoelaces.

3rd trimester’s nutritional balance can help mom feel healthier and more comfortable. For example, to limit the volume of water causing consistent in some parts such as the face, arms, legs, the mother should limit eating foods that contain a lot of salt. 

And if you’re in trouble with constipation, you should increase your intakes of high-fiber vegetables like buttocks or sweet potatoes.

Pregnant women should not eat anything in the 3rd trimester Although eating is important, moms should limit eating unhealthy foods like foods high in sugar, fats, fats, fast food or processed products, etc. 

Also, don’t forget to have your prenatal and ultrasound examinations during the 3rd trimester to prevent some late complications that may occur later in pregnancy. The ultrasound images at this stage are also often very sharp and the mother can see the lines of the baby more clearly.

Should pregnant women have a relationship in the last 3 months of pregnancy? If the doctor does not have a special designation, she can have sex according to her needs and preferences. However she should still limit the positions that put pressure on the pregnant belly.

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