Tips in Choosing the Best Shoes for Pregnancy2

Tips in Choosing the Best Shoes for Pregnancy


Pregnant women need to wear shoes or any footwear that are designed to keep them safe and throughout their pregnancy. The best shoes for pregnancy can make a lot of difference.

Making pregnancy a lot better a pair of shoes at a time.

A lot of people only the great things about pregnancy. A new baby soon to make a new family, more family gatherings, future celebrations, and so on. During the time the baby has not yet been delivered, the expecting mom experiences a lot of aches, however. Much of these pains are caused by the hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Starting in the second trimester

Starting in the second trimester, the obvious signs of pregnancy will create even more difficulties. Things that a woman used to do so quickly and with absolute ease will be a lot more challenging this time. Even simply walking the same length as she used to will be a daily challenge.

The added baby weight is much of a concern as this changes much about her physique as well as her body’s response to the natural occurrence in her body. Her bulging belly will make it so difficult to bend. Walking will be changed to waddling as the center of her gravity changes. She will also see more swelling down her ankles and feet. Varicose veins will appear from nowhere that her feet will look like someone has taken all the veins in somebody else’s garden and planted them there for a time.

All these are normal occurrences. There is nothing much that you can do about. Except for some minor changes.

If you find that changing your wardrobe is necessary when you are pregnant, you will agree that having to ditch some of your pre-loved shoes will also be vital. A simple change in the shoes that you wear can cause a lot of miracles and will sooner or later cause most of the pains and swelling that you may experience and see to dissipate.

Once you have found the best shoes for pregnancy, you can start walking around without worries,pains, and, with so much ease. With that in mind, you will begin to realize that in fact, your pregnancy is indeed a blessing.

With so many brands and styles available for you to choose from, it will take a while before you can finally make up your mind. To help you find the right shoes for your feet, consider these tips.

Tips in Choosing the Best Shoes for Pregnancy

Find a footwear that provides ample support for your feet and one that is easy to wear

Your baby bump can turn even the easiest thing to do a lot more challenging. When you look for a pair of shoes, you also need to see whether it won’t cause any difficulty for you to put them on.Consider a footwear that can easily be slipped on without requiring you to bend like those with laces or complicated straps. Opt for a pair that you can wear without you having to bend down.

Consider a pair of footwear that offers good support to your feet. This makes walking around so much easier. Shoes with gel cushions will not only offer comfortable wear but will also feel light as you walk.

Opt for a pair of shoes that offer more room for your growing feet

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons expressed that a pregnant woman’s feet normally grow during pregnancy. This is in addition to the swelling that most expecting mother experiences while pregnant. Marybeth Crane, DPM, FACFAS explains that a pregnant woman experiences a change in her foot size during pregnancy. It can also be a permanent growth that can be up to half a size. This can occur as relaxin, the same hormone that allows the pelvis to open to deliver the baby, makes the ligaments in the feet more flexible. This causes the feet to spread wider and longer.

If you will buy a couple of pairs of shoes during the early phase of your pregnancy, make sure that you’ll opt for a design that offers enough room for your growing feet. You can go for a shoe that is one-half or one size bigger than your normal feet size. This way, you will be wearing one that will accommodate even swollen feet, if ever that happens. Note that, not every expecting mother experiences swelling on their feet. But if you do, wearing a bigger-sized footwear can ease the discomfort.

If you feel that the shoes are a bit bigger than you thought they would be, you can always wear one more pair of socks that will fill the gap.

Choose a pair that will show your own style

We are all aware that heels are never meant for comfort. But if you really feel comfortable with heels that with flats, you can opt for a pair with wider heels like fab wedges. These will give you about a couple more inches to your height and will be a lot safer than stilettos and other high-heeled shoes. They will be even more comfortable to wear as well.

Consider the time when you need to buy pregnancy shoes

The perfect time to buy the right footwear is during the afternoon or evening. By this time, your feet have already expanded to its max as they have already absorbed much of the pressure from your body. That means you wouldn’t have to guess what size of shoes you should go for.

Remember that the changes in the feet size are most notable during the first six months and the last three months of your pregnancy. That being said, you may consider buying a new pair during the early phase of your pregnancy and, later, during the last trimester of your pregnancy. The first pair will fit your feet until just about the 6th month of your pregnancy. The next pair (you’ll need to buy during the last three months of your pregnancy) will be right for your feet until you deliver your baby.

Opt for shoes with high friction

High friction shoes make it easy for your footwear to cling safely to the surface you are walking on. These types of shoes or footwear are best worn not only when you are pregnant, but even after you have delivered your baby. Wearing high friction shoes decreases the chances of you slipping or falling down.


Choosing the best shoes for pregnancy is as essential as finding the right maternity garments. Take some time to find the best fitting footwear. Try more than one pair to make sure that the pair that you will buy will suit your feet right. To make a wise decision when buying shoes for pregnancy, consider the tips provided in this post.

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